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BrandIntas Pharmaceuticals
IngredientCinacalcet 30mg  
Prescription RequiredYes
Package30 Tablets


Uses of PTH Cinacalcet 30mg  Tablets

PTH 30mg Tablet is used for the control, treatment and prevention of secondary hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia in adult patients with parathyroid carcinoma, and hypercalcemia in adult patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. PTH Tablet works by lowering parathyroid hormone levels in the body, thus subsequently increasing the sensitivity of the calcium-sensing receptor to extracellular calcium.


How PTH Tablet Works?

Pth 30 Tablet works by lowering a chemical (parathyroid hormone), which makes calcium level go back to normal.


Direction for Use:

  • Always take this medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Your doctor will tell you how much PTH 30MG Tablet you must take
  • PTH 30MG must be taken orally, with or shortly after food
  • The tablets must be taken as whole and are not to be chewed, crushed or divided.
  • The usual starting dose for PTH 30MG Tablet in adults is 30 mg (one tablet) once per day


Side Effects:

  • Numbness or tingling around the mouth
  • Muscle aches or cramps
  • Seizures
  • Swelling of the tongue, lips, mouth or throat which may cause difficulty in swallowing or breathing.



Consult to your doctor before taking this medicine, if you:

  • Are allergic to Cinacalcet salt or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
  • Have seizures.
  • Have liver, kidney or thyroid problems.
  • Have or ever had heart failure, experience an unusually fast or pounding heartbeat, if you have heart rhythm problems.


  • Medicine should be taken according to doctor's prescription.
  • Take the exact dose of medicine as prescribed by doctor.
  • Medicine should be kept away from the touch of the children and pets.
  •  Never share your medicine with other as he/she may be suffering from other disease.


Q- If you take more PTH 30MG Tablet

If you take more PTH 30MG tablets, contact your doctor immediately. Possible signs of overdose include numbness, muscle aches or cramps and seizures.

Q- If you forget to take PTH 30MG Tablet

Don’t double the dose to make up for a forgotten dose. If you have forgotten a dose of PTH 30MG Tablet, you should take your next dose as normal.

Q- If you stop taking PTH 30MG Tablet

Do not stop taking PTH 30MG tablets without consulting your doctor.



Information provided here is based on the salt and content of the medicine. Effect and uses of medicine may vary from person to person due to different body composition. It is advisable to consult an Internal Medicine Specialist before using this medicine.

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